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Highland County Clerk of Courts 
Hillsboro, Ohio

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​​The Highland County Clerk of Courts Office is not permitted to give legal

advice or to assist in the completion of any forms submitted to the Court.

Please contact an attorney if you are uncertain regarding your

eligibility to have your criminal case  sealed by the court

     Individuals who have been charged with a criminal offense in the Highland County Common Pleas Court and who have been convicted, had the charge(s) dismissed, or who were charged but not indicted by a Grand Jury, can apply to the Court to have their case sealed under Ohio law. The statutes that provide for this action are show below.

Sealing of a conviction:

O. R. C. 2953.32  Sealing of record of first offense; application; hearing; fee; re-examination of sealed record

Sealing of a dismissed case or a refusal by a Grand Jury to indict

O. R. C. 2953.52  Application to have records sealed; grounds; order
Additional statutes in the Ohio Revised Code may affect your eligibility to have your record sealed.
You may submit a motion to the Common Pleas Court without the assistance of an attorney if you so choose.


There is a $50.00 non-refundable filing fee.

     The decision to grant your motion to seal your record lies with the Judge of the Common Pleas Court. The court will conduct an investigation in most cases before making a decision.