​Per ORC 2303.07

The Clerk of Court's Office is not permitted to

acknowledge or notarize documents.

If you are in need of a Notary Public, we encourage

you to go to a bank, car dealer or local attorney

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Highland County Clerk of Courts 
Hillsboro, Ohio

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Need To Renew Your Notary

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Notary Public Renewal Process  Effective 9-20-19

  1 - Go to www.OhioSos.Govand click on “Notary” to review the process and find the         necessary links.

  2 - Obtain a Criminal Records Check – WebCheck Locations will be listed on the SOS    website. If no disqualifying offenses appear, proceed to the next step.  Disqualifying        offenses will be listed on the website.  The records check must be obtained within 6        months prior to filing.

  3 - Contact an Authorized Education Provider to complete a 1 hour education                  program.  Receive a certificate of completion from the provider.
The fee is $45.00            paid to the authorized provider.

  4 - Go to our website to file online – the system will require you to create an account      if you have not yet done so and provide your Ohio address and all contact                      information, and then to upload the criminal records check and education                        certificate.

  5 -
Pay a fee of $15.00 by credit/debit card to the Secretary of State.