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                                  How To Become A Notary Public In Highland County

         1 - Contact Davis Law Office in Hillsboro at 937-393-4000 to purchase a Notary study book.
Each booklet is $15.00 made payable to the Highland County Bar Association.

​           2 - Study the booklet as long as you need to take the Notary Public test.  When you feel ready, contact Davis                        Law Office again at 937-393-4000 to make an appointment to take the test.  All applicants must take the                           test.  Renewal applicants must take a test every other renewal period.

           3 - Upon passing the test the applicant must take the State Application Form to the Common Pleas Judge for
                    his review and signature.  Once signed, applicant sends the signed form and $15.00 to the State of Ohio                         for their Notary Public Commission. 

           4 - Upon return of the Notary Commission it is filed with the Clerk of Courts Office in Hillsboro.  
Filing fee is $7.00.

                                                                                            Total Fee $37.00

If you have any questions contact: 

Davis Law Office at 937-393-4000

Highland County Clerk of Courts 937-393-9957